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Emma Berry – Fear of Flying – 2017'Hypnotherapy'

Published December 15, 2017

Around 3 years ago after #flying all my life with no issues I started to develop a #fearofflying.
The #fear grew and every trip was marred with a knowledge I was headed to certain death. Now I appreciate that sounds dramatic but anyone that's ever encountered a phobia will understand that logic does not apply and your brain believes what it believes.

The panic attacks began as soon as flights were booked, I was so sure I wouldn't reach my destination that I refused to make plans for when we arrived and crucially it started impacting on adventures for the future. My partner and I wanted to see the world together but all I could see was the terror in getting there.
It was time to do something, anything, even if I wasn't convinced it would work.
#Hypnotherapy seemed liked the right choice. I chose Rob because of his experience, and crucially because during our initial consultation he understood, and didn't make me feel like I was losing the plot! He also gave me faith that this would go away.

One hypnotherapy session later and we booked a trip. As the flight neared I planned our itinerary, got excited about our trip and had not one panic attack in the whole run up to the flight. It was quite simply a #transformation.
The flight itself was perfectly manageable, I relaxed and even if I did feel on edge it took very little time to remind myself that flying was perfectly safe and so was I.

So Rob, thank you. You've helped give my flight freedom back.

Sarah Spearing – Macclesfield (Hypnotherapy, NLP & meditation client – 2015)'Hypnotherapy'

Published August 26, 2016

Hi Rob
I Just wanted to say thank you.
After 13 years of over thinking things and worrying about everything, I have finally completed a British eventing horse trials with my horse Wolfie. Less than a year since my first NLP session with you, I have:
- Passed my HGV driving test (this was put off for 10 years as I thought I couldn’t do it!)
- Taken my horse out on my own on in the wagon to many training sessions.
- Completed my 1st horse trials in 13 years on my own horse, and I would have won it if not for time penalties!!

I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities. NLP and meditation works wonders!
Never give up on your dreams!
Pictures attached as proof!

Thanks again

Cath I’Anson – Spider Phobia Client (2015) 'Hypnotherapy'

Published October 15, 2015

For as long as I can remember I’ve been terrified of spiders. Just to see one in the corner of a room would send me into a fit of panic; I’d start hyperventilating, burst into hysterical tears and scream for my husband to come and rescue me. I was frightened of dead spiders, and even the stalks on the tops of tomatoes made my heart skip a beat because they reminded me of spiders!

It was ridiculous and irrational, and I was concerned about passing my fears onto my children. I can’t stress enough how much Rob has helped me – after just one session, I was able to go home and that very night, caught a house spider in a glass and released it outside. Two weeks after the session, I was the only adult brave enough to hold a tarantula at a child’s party.

Although I still don’t like spiders, thanks to Rob I am now happy enough to be in the same room as one, or if required to, can catch one and remove it from the room.

Thankyou Rob, you’ve genuinely changed my life!

David Hadley, Director – Bramhall, Cheshire (2013) 'Hypnotherapy'

Published December 8, 2014

I would like to thank Rob very much for his highly effective hypnotherapy service. One of my staff has had a long standing phobia of the dentist and as a result has not visited the dentist for over 10 years.

The staff member has bad teeth and more importantly has had time off because of chronic toothache. After one session with Rob his phobia was cured. He booked an appointment with the dentist and has two problematic teeth removed. It is not an exaggeration to say that Rob has changed his life. I have now signed up to have my fear of heights cured and would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Rob Brennan

Susie Rasul, Arbonne Consultant, Manchester (2013) 'Hypnotherapy'

Published December 8, 2014

A good friend of mine recommended Rob as a hypnotherapist and I contacted him about tackling my long term fear of spiders.

Immediately Rob made me feel very relaxed and his clinic room was very professional. I didn’t know what to expect and haven’t tried hypnotherapy before. Rob put me at ease and we spent a lot of the first session talking about my fear and rationalising it. I was surprised at what an impact this had upon me and how effective this was in making me see how my fear was all down to me, and it was up to me to alter my minds blueprint for reacting to spiders.

I found the hypnotherapy so relaxing and it wasn’t what I was expecting having seen hypnotherapy on the TV, but Rob fully explained this to me and I felt in control at all times. Driving home after my first treatment I have never felt so relaxed and on a high. It was bizarre but I felt great. After the first session I knew I wasn’t fully “cured” and knew I had some more work to do but I also knew that I felt empowered to start tackling spiders myself. I started to visualise myself catching a spider and put glasses around the house so I was prepared. I have not been able to tolerate getting rid of spiders humanely for as long as I can remember. It was not long after my second session of hypnotherapy that I was able to humanely remove a very large spider outside by myself. I was so proud of myself. I know that I will never be fully cured or “like” spiders but I know that I have now altered my brains blueprint of how to react when I see a spider and I now know that I am in control and I tell myself to keep calm. I would definitely recommend Rob to anyone that had any kind of fear and is seeking hypnotherapy.

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