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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a state of deep peace, attained when the mind is silent or focused on one simple thing and is in the present moment. The proven benefits of meditation to mental and physical health are boundless and now, with our simple and structured tuition, it is easier than ever for you to learn to meditate.

Our founder, Robert Brennan, has been a meditator for many years. Realising the value of meditation for enhancing physical and emotional wellness, he became qualified to teach it to his clients on a one to one and group basis.

Why should I Meditate?

Meditation has long been treasured by many cultures around the world for its host of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. More recently, scientific research has confirmed beyond all doubt that meditation will bring the following benefits into your life, among many, many more:

- Improved sleep
- Reduced blood pressure
- Reduced risk of heart disease
- Increased energy
- Reduced pain response by the body
- Reduced stress & anxiety
- Reduced depression
- Improved memory
- Improved creativity
- Improved empathy, self-awareness & compassion
- Reduced anger

It is now more and more rare for us to be asked “why should I mediate”. Given the abundance of research supporting the incredible benefits of meditation, and the low cost and accessibility of learning the skills, we are more often asked “how soon can I begin…”

How do I learn to Meditate?

We have a simple and clear approach to our meditation tuition and we have taught many private individuals to meditate, as well as private groups, and whole teams of workers within businesses. We are flexible and open, so if the below options do not suit you please contact us and we WILL be able to help you.

Private Meditation Tuition

Available in person or online via Skype or other suitable media. This is a focussed one on one session lasting round 2 hours at a cost of £149. You will receive a pack of supporting information, a meditation journal and clear, concise instructions on how to meditate. You will take part in a meditation as a part of this tuition.

Contact us to discuss & book your private meditation tuition now

Group Meditation Tuition

Available on a bespoke basis for groups of friends or family members wishing to learn to meditate together, and also to groups or teams within businesses.

Group tuition is done as a 2-3 hour session and pricing is on a bespoke basis. Please contact us to explain your needs and we will prepare a personalised quote for you.

Everyone attending will be fully equipped to meditate daily thereafter, taking away the pack of supporting information, a meditation journal and clear, concise instructions on how to meditate. Everyone will take part in a group meditation before the course is over.

Contact us to discuss & book your group meditation tuition now

Corporate Mindfulness & Meditation Group Course

This is a 6 hour course, best delivered over 5 weeks, with the first session being 2 hours in length and each subsequent session an hour long.

The cost of the course is £1,500 and is available anywhere in the UK subject to travel costs.

The course will first teach meditation to the group, and then spend an hour in each of the next four weeks focussing on differing aspects of mindfulness, improving mental performance, optimising productivity, reducing stress and boosting feelings of wellbeing. All of which will be greatly beneficial to any business.

The course involves several guided meditations, as well as some hypnotherapy techniques in order to achieve these outcomes.

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About The Meditation and Hypnotherapy Centre

“The Meditation & Hypnotherapy Centre was founded by experienced hypnotherapist and NLP coach, Robert Brennan, and exists to make the world a better place. The purpose of the business is to make people happier, calmer, more productive and mentally stronger through a completely unique offering of meditation, hypnotherapy and coaching services. Although based in Alderley Edge, in the North West of England, the business reach is UK wide and even global for many of the services.”
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