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What is Coaching?

Coaching as a general term is simply a non-directive means by which individuals are helped to optimise performance in any area.

There are many very familiar forms of coaching such as sports coaching or business coaching – however we specialise in personal performance coaching. This means that we help individuals to fulfil their personal and professional potential through how they think and how they operate.

Can Coaching help me?

Yes. Everyone can benefit from a coach, no matter how skilled, experienced or developed they are. The greatest and most successful business people will still have coaches for their life, for their business and for any other things where they deem it necessary or useful. This is because it works, it is proven to work and once they have had a coach, they never look back no matter how successful they go on to become.

A good coach will listen to you and then guide you to the solutions you require quickly and easily, challenging your existing thoughts and beliefs in a positive way where required and enabling to you maximise your potential.

Here is a quote about our coaching from a recent client:

“Coaching for me is something that I did not know I was missing until I had experienced it. After finding the Meditation & Hypnotherapy Centre in order to learn to meditate, I decided to try some coaching to help me through some personal matters. It has helped me to understand myself so much better and has led to a chain reaction of amazingly positive developments in my life, all instigated my me and my new behaviour. I feel in control of my life for the first time ever, and know exactly what I want for myself and my family and am already on the way to achieving it.”

What is involved and how do I book?

Our coaching is suitable for all, from executive leaders to people who want support in managing their life outside of work.

3 session breakthrough programme - £500

Over many years we have developed a three session ‘Breakthrough’ programme, which is a highly effective and successful combination of NLP & coaching techniques, models and exercises, and which we have found is the best starting point for our clients.

Each of the three 90 minute sessions will challenge you to understand more about yourself and lead you to your own personal breakthrough. You will finish the programme knowing clearly where you are in your life and with a purposeful and values led action plan to achieve your goals.

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Traditional coaching approach - £175 per 90 minute session

Our traditional coaching approach is bespoke to each individual, led by their specific needs, which will determine to focus and direction of the coaching.

Typical areas of focus can be; building resilience, establishing and moving towards key goals, eliciting one’s personal values and moving toward a life which fits with these values, addressing a lack of work / life balance , improving confidence / self-esteem or motivation.

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About The Meditation and Hypnotherapy Centre

“The Meditation & Hypnotherapy Centre was founded by experienced hypnotherapist and NLP coach, Robert Brennan, and exists to make the world a better place. The purpose of the business is to make people happier, calmer, more productive and mentally stronger through a completely unique offering of meditation, hypnotherapy and coaching services. Although based in Alderley Edge, in the North West of England, the business reach is UK wide and even global for many of the services.”
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